About Us

Glen Development LLC focuses on the pursuit of opportunities, specifically in the Williston Basin, North Dakota, and the Western United States. Bill Glen, founder, has cultivated a set of deep relationships over 35 years with trusted developers, contractors, and consultants. This intricate network is our greatest asset and advantage, especially in the ever-growing regions where solid resources and labor forces have been scarce. If we have a weakness as a company, it is simply that we cannot collaborate on every single project that comes our way. Why? Because we believe in delivering on quality, not quantity. We choose to remain minimal in size and staff in order to dedicate attention to each client, to ensure profitable outcomes. Our joint venture partnerships execute projects based on needs specific to the project as well as the financial goals of those partnerships.


At Glen Development LLC, we always rely on detailed analysis and substantiated projections when making any investment. Because no individual group alone is gifted to predict success in the market, we build knowledge in concert with our trusted network—marshaling financial, municipal, geographic, and atmospheric data from those with sector-specific expertise. Variables in these key areas of the real estate process can make or break a successful venture. We believe our greatest asset is our experience. The biggest challenges to sustainable return on property investment are the unforeseen factors. Conditions beyond the control of any singular entity can cripple the success of a project. Fluctuating financial markets, changes in municipal ordinances, how supervisors handle explosive growth in their localities, vendor expediency, and even soil conditions are just a few of the many possibilities. Managing how these impact successful property transactions is our passion and our business.

Early detection of possible obstacles to a project is crucial. We always plan for potential pitfalls, never discounting or removing them from our projected budgets. We always communicate these to clients, and when warranted, provide them with multiple exit strategies - because our highest priority is prudential management of their assets. Recognizing the potential impact of every variable on a project, budgeting enough contingency up front, and comparing that to the potential return on investment is the key to any profitable venture. Glen Development succeeds because we put emphasis on the front end of every project through due diligence, competitive analysis, and thinking through every possible contingency in advance of project commencement. Our proven investigative approach for measuring the contribution of capital to aggregate growth is both hands-on and thorough.


Glen Development has consistently performed beyond predicted outcomes and always delivered on its promise to manage successful property ventures. Our clients and partners return again and again because they know they are in trusted hands.

Every project we’ve worked on has been delivered on time & under budget. When you do the numbers, GD LLC adds up to a smart investment.